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The Post Entry System

Take a look at the features our horse show management system has to offer. We think you'll agree that our system offers the high-powered capabilities and built-in flexibility you need. We are constantly updating our system to stay abreast of association rule changes and feature upgrades.

To ensure our clients are always up-to-date, our software is provided on a lease (per show day) basis, with free technical support and system updates. You have no purchase price outlay, and never have to worry about budgeting for expensive upgrades. The latest system update is always available from the Downloads page.


Membership Tracking
Our system tracks association numbers, so you can confirm an exhibitor's card just once during the year. Unconfirmed numbers are highlighted for easy identification.



General Features

• One-time data entry
—Horse, owner, rider, and trainer information carries over from show to show.
—Inactive records can be purged by date of last activity.

Fully networkable
—Wired and wireless
—Separate modules for the office, counter, and gate.

Menu driven
—No commands to learn or special keys to memorize

Designed for rapid data entry
—No mouse - right hand keyboard entry
—Tracks up to 8 active shows at once

Automatic back-ups
—Made each time you leave the system
—Created on the active hard drive, a networked computer, and in a special folder for export to a CD, floppy disk, or other external storage device

The Stabling System

• Tracks horses, stalls, tackrooms, and non-stabled
horses by trainer

Comprehensive stabling list

• Horses can be stabled with a different trainer

Classes and Entries

• Entries can be easily located by name or number

• Easy adding and scratching of classes
—Added by class or entire division
— Open check confirmation prior to adding classes

• Riders can be changed on the fly
—At the gate or in the office

• "Entry fee options" for scratched classes include:
—keeping the fee
—refunding the fees
—issuing credit toward future adds
—erasing the scratched class from the record

•Classes can be easily split, combined, or cancelled

• Association membership number tracking
—confirm a membership card only once each year

Printed List and Reports

• Class Sheets in over 16 different formats
Announcer’s sheet
Gate sheet

• Schedules showing estimated start times and number of entries
Standard schedule

• Random and Rotated orders of go
—special combined order of go for reining classes

• Entry lists in 8 different formats
Standard entry list
Expanded entry list

Trainers list of entries with classes

• Back number labels with classes

• Judge's card labels with class specs

• Tons more



Results and Championships

• Results:
—can be easily posted at the gate or in the office
—are checked for un-entered exhibitors
—can easily be printed in a variety of formats
—can be electronically submitted to various associations. Take advantage of the US Equestrian Electronic Results $50 Rebate.
—may be posted directy to the web in HTML, indexed by division, horse, or rider. View a sample of HTML Results.

Championship charts or circuit award charts

• Track up to 26 user defined Hi-Point awards

The Accounting System

• Comprehensive Accounting Functions
—Open check monitoring
Credit card capability
Split charges and payments between accounts
—Automatic computing of prize money, with add-backs
—Prize money, refund and miscellanous check printing
—Social Security number monitoring for prize money winners

• Reports and Financial Statements
Comprehensive exhibitor statements
Comprehensive trainer statements with stalls, open checks, and accounts receivable
USEF Post Competition reports
PCHA Post Competition reports
—Class Profit analysis
Income statement
—Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable tracking and reports
— Full receipt breakdowns by credit card, check and cash (listed by account, payor, date posted or amount)

The Mailing System

• Mail to all past exhibitors or just those from a certain show
Mail to trainers only
—Mail only to certain association members

• Create mailing labels sorted by zip code
Limit to a specific range of zip codes

• Export the mailing lists for use in other mailing programs.

Ringside Scoring

• Connects the ring to the office database
—the latest entry data is available
—scores are recorded directly to the server

• Can be used for announcing, scoring, or both
—complete announcer info is displayed
—supports up to 8 open cards
—simple one-handed operation

• Numerical Scoring
—supports up to 5 judges and 3 rounds
—scores can be averaged or added
—highs and lows can be dropped
—percentages can be assigned to each round (Fences-60% Flat-40%)
—scores can be sorted hi-to-low or low-to-hi
—current standings are updated after each competitor

• Jumper Scoring
—designed by a jumper judge
—connects direcly to the timer
—scores according to current USEF jumper tables
—Tables 3 & 5 (optimum time & faults converted) are included
—enter faults and added time—system does the rest.
—scores are incorporated into results
—current standings are updated after each competitor


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